Loss of motivation due to a lack of understanding is common among students. For many, not being able to grasp a topic leads to frustration and a depleted desire to continue learning. This feeling may be temporary, with some students regaining enthusiasm eventually. However, for others, it can have long-lasting effects on their confidence and result in low grades.

It’s important to remember that grades may not necessarily reflect a student’s intelligence and knowledge, despite being so influential in determining their future. That’s why it could be worth considering a private tutor.

Are tutors worth the financial investment? In this article, we examine the benefits of hiring a tutor.

1. One-on-One Attention

Arguably the biggest benefit of hiring a tutor is the one-on-one attention it provides. Teachers and lecturers often have a lot of students to manage and unfortunately, this can result in the needs of students being inadvertently overlooked. Those who take longer to understand a topic may fall behind and fail to grasp important content.

Tutoring is like having a private teacher, as they provide support tailored to the individual needs of the student and the topics they need to spend additional time learning. Tutors can also answer questions without having to move at the pace of the entire class like regular teachers.

2. Fewer Distractions

Larger classrooms are naturally distracting because of the high student numbers. The more students, the harder it can be to teach complex material and maintain the students’ focus. Hiring a tutor eliminates this issue, as sessions typically take place in quiet and peaceful settings, allowing students to concentrate and better absorb information. Tutors can give students their full attention, and students can focus on the course material.

Libraries and homes are great places for tutoring, away from noise and distractions. For tertiary students, university housing is a fantastic alternative. If you live in Sheffield in particular, you can find student accommodation in Sheffield easily to suit your individual needs.

3. Improved Confidence

Mistakes are common, but what if you find yourself making a lot of errors in a particular subject? Your confidence is likely to be affected. You may not be confident enough to raise your hand or ask questions when you need clarification in future. This is not what you want as a learner. You should jump confidently at any opportunity to learn more and answer questions.

On the contrary, the continuous positive reinforcement from tutors is beneficial for self-esteem. They are able to watch their students grow and learn, encouraging them along the way and praising them when they grasp a topic. This one-on-one approach can help to improve a student’s overall confidence – a beneficial trait in the long term, yielding tremendous results, and providing an excellent foundation for future learning.

4. Personalised Pace and Approach

These days, the average class has between 15–25 students. This number climbs even higher in densely populated areas. However, it has long been established that smaller classroom sizes have a greater benefit to students. In larger classes, teachers can’t cater to the needs of each individual student. They have to follow a specific pace and plan to complete the syllabus in the given academic year.

All students are unique and differently abled. Some can learn quicker and keep up with the teacher’s pace. Others, however, need more time to process the information and can feel left out in the more extensive classroom setup. This situation is not optimal for all students.

Private tutors, whether online or in-person, are an effective alternative. A skilled tutor will personally assess your individual learning needs, customise the lessons accordingly, and set the pace to yield the best results.

5. Boost Test Performance

While test scores aren’t everything, they certainly play a role in your academic future. Practically speaking, they can influence the university you can attend after graduating school or the job you’re offered after obtaining a degree. That’s why parents and guardians want their children to excel academically.

Low grades in school usually indicate that either the student is not motivated to learn or lacks an understanding of some topics. A private tutor can typically help in both areas.

Students who undergo private tutorship indicate a significant improvement in their grades within several months. Because of the personal learning setup, the tutor ensures that the student has understood all concepts before moving on and over time, they should notice an improvement in grades and exam results.

6. Increased Motivation

A student’s motivation levels can be enhanced by private tutorship. This is because tutors typically tailor the learning environment to suit the student’s needs. They also usually find ways to make the subject relevant and applicable to the student, increasing the likelihood they are keen to learn and invest in their studies.


Hiring a private tutor offers a myriad of benefits. Besides boosting your grades and confidence, you will get one-on-one attention to help you to fully grasp difficult concepts and therefore make you more motivated to learn. An experienced tutor will assess a student’s learning needs and create bespoke material and a suitable pace.

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