Barcelona is a multicultural melting pot and a popular expat destination. This mean that in addition to being a vibrant and inviting city, Barcelona is also a language learner’s dream come true. With people from so many corners of the world congregating there, it’s almost impossible to find a language which you can’t practice in this bustling metropolis. One of the best ways to practice any language you might be learning is to take part in a group meetup.


As the group’s page declares (and the name would suggest), the Barcelona Languages & Friends meetup group is a community that promotes practicing languages while making new friends. They believe language exchange to exist in a space between a traditional language class and real world communication.

The founders of this group (rightly) believe that language exchange is a vital part of any learner’s experience – it helps to practice your target language, get familiar with the way natives speak, and understand different accents.

With almost 9000 members and a busy event calendar, this group is one of the most popular ones in Barcelona that promote language exchange and speaking practice.


Since Barcelona Languages & Friends is an umbrella group for many different meetups, the locations for these events are as varied as the people who take part in them. But this is only good news – having such a wide menu means that everyone can pick their favourite.

In the summer months, for example, there are weekly organised sailing trips to Ibiza and Formentera, or Menorca. Although these come with quite the price tag (650 EUR per person), the experience might well be worth it.

Luckily, there are also many free options for language exchange meetups – you can meet new friends and swap your English skills for someone else’s Spanish, or go exchange your Japanese and Chinese knowledge for some native insight.


With such an active group, luckily there is never too long to wait until the next language exchange event. You are free to practice your English and Spanish every week on Mondays and Fridays, and go dust off your Japanese and Chinese skills on Wednesdays.

For the best overview of upcoming events, take a peek at the group’s calendar.


Barcelona Languages & Friends is an incredibly active group which offers such a variety of different events that every language enthusiast can find a place where to get some real world speaking practice – from moonlit tours to wine tasting.

Photo credit: Barcelona Languages & Friends Meetup page.

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