We’ve already covered quite a number of Meetup groups for language practice in various cities, but Berlin seems to be the first one that has made the format professional. Although there are a lot of options for practicing your language skills in meetups in Berlin, most of these options come with a price tag. With this in mind, we’re focusing our recommendations in Berlin on finding the best relationship between price and quality.

The first group for getting some German conversation practice in Berlin is German Conversation Group in Berlin.


German Conversation Group in Berlin is an open language class organised by Nadine with the aim of providing fun and engaging conversation classes. Whether you’re a complete beginner or simply looking for a way to improve your German pronunciation and vocabulary, you will find an event to join in this group.

These classes have been taking place regularly from 2014 and, with over 500 past meetups, have an impressive history of success. This is also one of the most popular and active language exchange groups in the city.


The language classes organised in this group are divided into categories based on the level of German practiced and the events take place in a few different venues.

Bar Jää-äär on Brunnenstraße hosts a lot of the regular events – from A1-A2 level beginners to the more advanced class that caters to B1 to C1 level German speakers.

Intermediate and advanced students can also attend events at the WohnZimmer Bar and Al Hamra Restaurant which host the events ate different days of the week.


There are regular language classes every week. In fact, this is one of the busiest event calendars for a language Meetup group out there.

Intermediate and advanced German speakers can meet for a conversation lesson on every Monday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Beginners can practice their skills on the weekends – on every Saturday and Sunday.

Additionally, there are special meetup events taking place that focus on more narrow themes, for example: German for total beginners, job applications and interviews, and colloquial German. These do not have a fixed time but still happen rather regularly.

The best way to keep up-to-date is to take a look at the group’s event calendar.


German Conversation Group in Berlin is one of the best ways to get some constructive language practice in a casual and stress-free environment. With almost 5,500 members, it’s also the most popular language exchange group in the region. While you are expected to pay 5€ to attend plus buy a drink or two at the hosting venue, the events are well worth this small investment!

Another great way to get language practice? A private teacher! Sign up for yours here:

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