An increasing number of multinational companies are opening offices in Prague as it’s an attractive country in which to do business. Whether you’re Czech or a non-native English speaking expat looking for a career opportunity, good business English is important if you want to succeed.

If you’re looking for an English speaking job in Prague there are lots of things you can do to improve your language skills.

Join a networking community in Prague

Internations is a global networking community for expats with setups in most major cities including Prague. As well as publishing handy work guides, they also arrange regular networking events for you to get to know people in the city.

Events are attended by like-minded careerists giving you a great chance to practice your business English in a relaxed setting. In the world of business, all networking is useful and you might just find your next job here.

And if you’re more entrepreneurial then Prague Entrepreneurs is a meetup group for locals and expats that are involved with startups in Prague. They host regular talks and workshops in English on a range of subjects and are a very supportive community.

On Facebook Young Expats in Prague is a growing community built for those that live, work and study in the city, giving them a chance to exchange ideas and contacts with each other.

Read English language business news in Prague

Keeping up with English language press in Prague is a good way to improve your business English whilst searching for new career opportunities. The main publications are Prague Daily Monitor and the Prague Post. Both have up to date business and financial news and job sections.

And if listening is your thing then Radio Praha broadcasts business news in English with accompanying stories on their website.

Volunteer in Prague

If you want to improve your business English while working on real life projects, but you haven’t found a job yet, then volunteering is a good option. Volunteering has a long history in the Czech Republic and you have the chance to work in such diverse fields as ecology, humanitarian support and refugee outreach.

Opportunities vary and some don’t require Czech. have posted a great round up of opportunities for English speaking expats and has an up to date database of organisations looking for volunteers.

Get an intern job in Prague

Becoming an intern is another good way to practice your business English, particularly if you want to test the water before deciding on a permanent life in Prague. If you’re looking for one then keep an eye on all the usual job boards in Prague and ask around other expats in the city for names of companies and organisations that usually offer internships to foreigners. Once you’ve got their name, find their contact details, be proactive and approach them.

If you’re still a student and/or an EU citizen then their are a number of government and university funded schemes that can help you find intern work. These include the IAESTE, AIESEC, Erasmus and the Leonardo da Vinci program. This article goes into more detail about how to get started.

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