If you’re looking to settle in Amsterdam for the medium to long term, or are just interested in getting a better hang of Dutch, the city offers you a lot of options for practicing your language skills. We’ve already written about how hard you might find learning Dutch (with a knowledge of either English or German, not too difficult), so if you’ve already started your lessons, and are looking to get some conversation practice to improve your speaking skills, you should visit the language exchange events organised by the Amsterdam Dutch Language Meetup Group.


As the name would suggest, the Amsterdam Dutch Language Meetup Group brings together Dutch learners and speakers to take part in various meetups and events. If you’re interested in practicing your Dutch in a relaxed environment with other language enthusiasts, you can’t do better than participate in one of their events.

Speaking of their events, there is something for every taste – you can go to a Dutch sing-along, have an early morning coffee meetup, or join for after work drinks. The main thing uniting all of these events is their focus on offering Dutch practice.

The good news to beginners is that you only need to have rather basic conversation skills to take part in the events. Unlike the Amsterdam Language Cafe, this group is waiting for anybody looking to improve their Dutch.


As we mentioned, there is a real buffet of various events happening in this group, so it’s difficult to give you a particular location for specific events.

For example, you can head to a coffee shop on Kinkerstraat for your early morning Dutch practice, or visit Cafe Stempels in Haarlem, if you’re more of an evening person.

With over ten upcoming events on their schedule, all with different locations, the best thing to do is to simply visit the group’s Meetup page, choose an event you want to enjoy, and find the location from there.


Some of the meetups organised by these Dutch fans are recurring, while other take place irregularly.

The regular events on schedule are the meetings in Haarlem which happen on every second Wednesday of the month, singing along to Dutch songs which you can do on every second Thursday, and meeting other Dutch speakers while tasting some new beers on every second Monday of the month.

This obviously makes every second week of the month a very busy one for your Dutch practice, but don’t worry, you’ll also be able to find conversation practice events on the other weeks.

In order to get the best overview of the upcoming events, take a look at the group’s event calendar. Be sure to pay attention to the RSVP and cancellation policy for each event, since not doing so may end with you being denied from taking part.


These events encourage native Dutch to join as well, meaning you get the chance to practice with native speakers. If you’re not that far advanced yet, then don’t feel bad – beginners are equally welcome and helped to get their conversation skills up to speed.

Additionally, most of the events are free for the participants – you’re only responsible for paying for your drinks or snacks at the venue. Every now and again a small donation is asked for, but these don’t exceed a few euros.

All in all, if you’re serious about improving your Dutch skills, this is a great group to join!

Photo credit: Amsterdam Dutch Language Meetup Group photos.

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