While the Brussels French Language Meetup Group was solely focused on language exchange events, Internationals in Brussels casts a bit wider of a net. For someone looking only to get conversation practice, this has its upsides, as well as drawbacks. Obviously, you won’t find as many language exchange events under a general expat group but thanks to the higher number of members, you might just be able to find someone to practice your target language with.

Thankfully, this group actually also puts quite a lot of effort into organising meetings where you can put your language skills to good use.


Internationals in Brussels is a Meetup group that brings together expats living in the city. The group itself is a part of a bigger network of expat-focused Meetup groups, called the Culti Group. They run meetups in various cities in six countries across Europe, offering a way for the newly arrived to rub shoulders with old-time expats.

In Brussels, they claim their sole purpose to be organising casual get-togethers in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Luckily for language learners, Brussels is also a bilingual city (French and Dutch are widely spoken), and English is the go-to language for the expat community – all of which means that the events organised by Internationals in Brussels actually provide a lot of opportunities for conversation practice.

Events that take place on the weekends prefer English as their method of communication, but during the week you can attend meetups for practicing the local (and not) languages – French, Dutch, and German.


The language exchange events organised by Internationals in Brussels take place in a quiet brasserie restaurant L’Aurige in the Etterbeek municipality in Brussels. The exact address is Avenue de Tervueren 24, a stone’s throw away from the Merode train and metro stop.


Currently, the French practice meeting takes place on every Wednesday from 8pm, at the Brasserie L’Aurige.

German language exchange events only take place if ten people register for the event. So, be sure to sign up on Meetup, and RSVP for the event if you want to take part. With enough participants, the events will take place an hour before the meeting turns French – on Wednesdays at 7pm, at the Brasserie L’Aurige.

To get the most up-to-date info on what language exchange meetups you can look forward to, keep an eye on the Internationals in Brussels upcoming events calendar.


This group offers some of the best and most regular conversation practice events in Brussels. Although right now they don’t seem to offer meetups for Dutch learners, hopefully that will change soon.

Additionally, their events are nearly free of charge (they only ask for a donation of 1 euro for the venue) and provide an excellent chance to practice your target language in a casual and encouraging atmosphere.

Photo credit: Internationals in Brussels Meetup page photo album.

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