Luckily, with Frankfurt being such a well-developed expat destination and a melting pot of world cultures, it has several options for you to get your language practice. Although Frankfurt Stammtisch is definitely one of the best groups to check out for regular language exchange events, sometimes you just need more options – we get it!

There’s always the option of choosing to take part in a one-on-one language exchange. For that, you should take a look at one of the many specialised websites offering to introduce you to an exchange partner. Or simply keep an eye on the messaging boards of various expat sites. But, if you’re looking to join more Meetup groups in the city, we put together a short list of our recommendations.

Expat Meetup Culti Style Frankfurt Area

This group gets top billing on our recommendations since they offer a really wide variety of events. Since this is an expat group, they’re not specifically focused on organising language exchange events. However, with the idea behind the group being to unite various internationals in the city, you’re bound to find someone to practice your target language with.

While they do actually claim to occasionally put together language meetups, these do not feature heavily on their priority list. You’ll surely be able to get German and English practice at their events, though. It’s just the less common tongues you might struggle with.

To keep up with this group, keep an eye on their upcoming events calendar.

Frankfurt International Friends

Frankfurt International Friends is another expat-focused group. While not amazing at organising language meetups, this group does encourage its members to join and start meetups of their own. They even offer to help with the process. So, if you have a brilliant idea for a language or cultural exchange event that you would like to see, this group would be the one to contact.

They have been meeting for almost four years now and have racked up an impressive number of meetups organised. Right now, their upcoming events calendar is a bit empty, but it would never hurt to sign up. In fact, joining the group is the only way to find out exactly what they’re up to since most of the content is only accessible to members.

Frankfurt Language and Culture Hub

Frankfurt Language and Culture Hub is actually run by a language school in Frankfurt. This is both an upside and a drawback to joining this group. While they do promise to also organise free events for their members that are focused language exchange, they also use the Meetup platform for advertising their various upcoming courses.

So, while taking part in very professional and well-guided language exchange events might be a great way to improve your German, English, or other language skills, be prepared to wait a bit for those events. The group’s calendar is brimming with upcoming events but most of them are invitations to join an ongoing language course.

So, there you have it. There are plenty of groups around that can introduce you to someone for a language exchange but our top pick would definitely still be the English-German-Stammtisch Frankfurt group. They’re active, offer a wonderful variety of events, and their meetups come with no strings (or price tag) attached.

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