Frankfurt, or Frankfurt am Main, as the city is officially known, is the financial centre of Germany and EU. As such, you can already imagine that it pulls in a lot of internationals. Indeed, around a quarter of the population in Frankfurt are foreign nationals from all over the world. Such a great mix of people, Frankfurt is also a wonderful place for practicing whatever your target language might be.

But, since German is still the main language you’ll be hearing, it might also benefit to find a local German exchange group. On that front, none are better than English-German-Stammtisch in Frankfurt.


English-German-Stammtisch in Frankfurt is a Meetup group based in the city with the aim of organising conversation practice events and facilitating language exchange. What makes this group so excellent is that first, it’s been around for over 5 years already, so they obviously know what they’re doing. Additionally, they have over 3000 members and their events are often visited by more than 30 participants, making them a great way to practice your German skills while meeting new people.

Although the group is mainly focussed on organising German-English exchanges, you are also free to practice you other target languages if you find a willing participant in the group.


The group offers a wide array of different events. There is the Regular German-English Exchange that takes place every week and gathers at the Lilium Cafe-Restaurant that you may find on Leipziger Str. It’s slightly out of the centre but located very comfortably next to the Bockenheimer Warte metro stop.

While this is the only regularly recurring event on the group’s calendar, you’ll be able to take part in a variety of other meetings. For example, there are chess evenings, guided tours, brunches, and concerts that are all organised by people in the group. To find out what you would like to participate in, just check out the group’s Meetup page.


The only recurring event on the calendar, Regular German-English Exchange, takes place every Tuesday. It starts at 7 pm and lasts for more than four hours (the official end is at 11:30pm). Since these events are very popular and the guest list gets full rather quickly, it’s recommended that you sign up and RSVP to let the organisers know you’re coming.

In addition to this regular event, there is a whole variety of other upcoming meetups on the menu, however. To keep an eye on the most interesting ones, check out the group’s upcoming events calendar.


As with most Meetup groups, the events are free for participants. You’ll be able to get excellent conversation practice in German (and any other language if you find a willing partner), meet new people, and got to know a few locals, all for free. Additionally, this groups is really very active in organising other interesting events, so you might find yourself going to an art exhibit, having a late brunch, or trying out new cheeses, all while still practicing your German skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Photo credit: English-German-Stammtisch Frankfurt photo album.

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