Although in our series about language practice meetups, we usually cover events organised on the Meetup platform, there are several other options out there. While in many locations in Europe and around the world, Meetup does offer the best options for meeting up with like-minded people to practice your target language, in Hamburg currently there isn’t a group we could recommend joining with that purpose.

Luckily, there are several sites that offer the option of organising popular language exchange events that you could benefit from. One of best options in Hamburg might be the Hamburg Language Exchange event series organised by a Couchsurfing member.


Hamburg Language Exchange – Come In and Find Out is a series of events organised by Couchsurfing members, with the aim of providing, well, language exchange. This is only a small part of the goings-on organised by this community in Hamburg and many might be worth checking out. Although the events are organised through the Couchsurfing platform, you do not need to be a member to participate and will probably find that you are welcomed with open arms.

These events are a lot less structured than the Language Café, organised by the University of Hamburg but if you prefer an actual café to a conference hall, or are simply looking to meet international people to practice with, the Couchsurfing events are a good option to try out.

While there isn’t an official list of languages you can expect to get to practice there, the events are popular and major European languages are usually represented. And German, of course, is readily available.


The events take place at the Café May in Hamburg. Take note that there are several of these around town, and make sure you go to the one on Hein-Hoyer-Straße 14. It is a bit out of the centre but easily accessible by taking the metro line 3 to St. Pauli stop.


You can practice your target language at these events around twice a month, on every other Thursday. They start at 19 and the official run time is 3 hours, until 22:00 but the events have been known to run over that time.

The best way to find out when the next event is taking place is to check the Hamburg upcoming events section on Couchsurfing. You don’t need to register or RSVP to attend the event but do as the name says – Come In and Check Out.


These events draw in a varied international (and local) crowd, with usually around thirty or more participants showing up. That means that if you are trying to practice one of the major European languages, chances are that you will find someone to talk with there. Additionally, as with most events organised on Couchsurfing, they are free to take part in and you only have to pay for whatever you want to order at the café.

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