The good news for language lovers in Munich is that the city provides ample opportunity for improving your skills. From professional language schools and readily available private teachers to an abundance of ways to practice your target language, it’s a wonderful place for bettering your active and passive language skills.

One of the best ways of seeing quick progress in your spoken language, is to take part in an organised conversation exchange. We already wrote about the meetups organised by the München Conversation Exchange group that help you improve your German, English, Spanish, and sometimes French skills. But, if you simply can’t wait for their next meeting, there are also great alternatives on offer in Munich.


One of these alternatives is the Munich Stammtisch group on Meetup. The word “stammtisch” is German for “regulars’ table”, but the term has grown to mean any regular informal meeting. While this group does not exist with the sole purpose of organising language exchange events, there are plenty of opportunities for improving your conversations skills on the menu.

The good news is that the group unites internationals and expats in Munich, and does so rather successfully, since the group membership hovers around 4,700 people – meaning you will most likely succeed in finding someone to practice your target language with. While the group’s official mission statement is to simply be welcoming to people and facilitate meeting new friends, they also offer options for practicing your German, English, or Japanese skills.

There is a more-or-less regular German conversation meeting, called German Conversation Hour. And every month there is an event aimed at bringing together the Japanese speakers living in Munich. For practicing English, just take part in any of the activities organised by the group, since that’s their official language.


If it’s German you wish to practice, you need to head to a quiet restaurant a bit out of central Munich. The name of the place is Das Edelweiß, and it’s located on Alpenplatz, close to Ostfriedhof. The exact address is Edelweißstraße 10, the easiest way to get there is to take the tram 17 to the Ostfriedhof stop, or grab metro line 1, 2, 7, or 8 to the Kolumbusplatz stop.

For the Japanese practice events, find the Tassilogarten restaurant, located essentially straight across the Ostfriedhof from Das Edelweiß. The exact address is Auerfeldstraße 18. The closest tram stop is the Regerplatz stop (trams 15, 25).


German Conversation Hour takes place almost every week, unless there is competing event organised at the same time. Head to Das Edelweiß at any Wednesday at around 6:30pm to find reserved tables with German flags and Meetup signs. Be sure to join the Munich Stammtisch group, and RSVP for the specific event beforehand, though. There is only a limited amount of places available.

The Japanese-International Get Together happens on every first Friday of the month and starts at 7pm. As with German Conversation Hour, notifying the organisers of your participation is expected – registration for the event ends on the Thursday before the meeting at 6pm.

To get the most up-to-date on the times and locations for upcoming events, check out the group’s event calendar.


Although this is not a group aimed exclusively at organising language exchange events, they offer a lot of options for putting your German skills to the test. You also have the chance to practice Japanese once a month, or English at any of their other get-togethers. Since they also organise a weekly After Work Drinks event, you might find yourself talking in more languages than you could’ve hoped.

As with most Meetup events, the participation is completely free, and you’re only expected to pay for what you consume during the meetings.

Photo credit: Munich Stammtisch photo album.

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