The capital of France has been charming people for centuries now. From the 17th century, when Paris first became a major centre of culture and finance, its influence has only been growing. French art and cuisine are world famous, as are the most important museums in Paris. Thanks to all of that, it’s no wonder that Paris consistently ranks among the top travel destinations in the world. And many of those who plan to only go for a quick visit, end up staying for longer which is why Paris is also a top city for expats in France.

The popularity of Paris among people of all cultures and language is also reflected in the availability of different language exchange events. You will have no problems finding conversation practice in your target language, whatever it might be. And one of the best places to turn to for free language practice is Polyglot Club Paris.


Polyglot Club is an international organisation/club that brings together language learning enthusiasts from all over the world to assist them in the learning process. In the cities where they also have a local presence, they also organise conversation practice and language exchange events.

Polyglot Club Paris has been active on Meetup since 2014 and has gathered more than 8,000 members in that time. The group is very active and organises several language practice events a week. Additionally, they offer an incredible variety of languages which you can practice at their events.


Since the range of the events they offer is so wide, it’s difficult to give precise locations. For example, in the summer months, you can take part in a weekly language exchange picnic at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris.

The Denfert Café is another popular location where many of this group’s events take place. Perhaps that is why the place is also known as Café Polyglotte.


As we already mentioned, there are several events a week organised by this group. When it’s warm the polyglot picnic takes place every Sunday, for example.

On Mondays, there is the French-German language exchange. Tuesdays feature both English and French language lessons, as well as a weekly Café Polyglotte meeting. Wednesday is dedicated to the Romance languages and you can practice your French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese. Thursdays offer English lessons for the more advanced speakers and a more scientific look at languages with a linguistic meeting. Fridays are dedicated to Russian and French exchanges and Saturdays have another free polyglot event.

To keep an eye on what is happening next within this group, check out their upcoming events calendar.


Polyglot Club Paris is simply one of the most popular and active Meetup groups in the city which offer language exchange events. The events are free and usually are attended by quite a lot of people, making them a great way to get conversation practice in your target language. Just don’t forget to sign up either on the Polyglot Club website or the Meetup page, so that the organisers can keep track on how many people frequent their events.

Photo credit: Polyglot Club Paris photo album.

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