Health saving technologies in the classroom are an important part of both the teaching process and the education of students. They can help children learn something and stay healthy at the same time. The poor impact of education on children’s health was noticed in 1805 when the famous teacher Pestalozzi noticed that children are undermined in their healthy development by going to a traditional school. These problems have only grown in the past century.

As technologies improved, children’s health declined. More and more of them would spend hours in front of a screen. At first it was the television, then the computer and finally, mobile devices. We’ve grown from having a stationary device that provided entertainment and information to having a mobile device that’s always with us. Children see adults with the devices and they want to use them as well. Nowadays, kids don’t get much physical activity at all. They go to school and come back home to their entertainment.

This takes a toll on their health. However, technology doesn’t always have to be bad for children. In fact, it can be used to improve their knowledge of health and benefits of movement. So, even though you’re already helping children improve their health by teaching a second language, you can take it a step further and make sure your classroom is great for both mental and physical health.

Social networking

“Social networking is one of the great examples of how technologies can be both amazing and terrible for children. Social media can be bad for students because they often get bullied and attacked on the social media by their peers or older children alike. This has caused severe issues with children in the past such as suicide or serious depression and other mental illnesses. Across the globe, so many children have already been hurt by this and more and more children suffer the consequences daily,” says Mia Palastro, an educator at Ukwritings and Academized. It’s also a good opportunity for predators to target them which is another awful consequence of social media expansion.

However, there are certain benefits of social media that are worthy of mention. For one, information is much easier to share. If a class creates a group where all of the children can ask for help with studying then the overall learning rate would be higher. This is also a great space for introverted children to communicate with others. Teachers can also share different activities and videos of proper exercising techniques that parents can then apply to children.

Exercise breaks

One of the great uses of technology can also be in determining the right time to have an exercise break. Setting an alarm or a timer for the amount of time the children should exercise can be an excellent way to promote activities and health.

Technology can, in this case, be used to show proper exercise techniques, teach teachers on how to conduct these breaks properly, spread the word on the dangers of sitting in a slouched position all day and so on.

Teachers could also communicate to set the right schedule and best practices for exercise times.

Techniques to improve student activity

In addition to using technology to get kids moving, teachers can also opt for using some traditional, technology-free methods in inspiring their students to be more active.

Here are two of the best tech-free teaching methods that teachers of all age groups can easily incorporate:

– Free movement lesson

“Students moving around during the lesson may seem like a crazy idea but it not only improves physical health, it also improves mental health, happiness and attention. Children will pay a lot more attention if they are moving around. You can also have one free movement lesson where the children would only have to move around and talk,” says Gordon Bell, a writer at Bigassignments and Essayroo.

– Five minute exercise breaks

Five minute breaks in the middle of a class are a great idea. They wake the children up and they make them active and happy. After those five minutes pass, children will have much more attention for the lesson. You can come up with various activities together, as a classroom.

Conclusion – Keep your classroom active

Children really don’t get as much activity as they should nowadays. However, you can change this by incorporating a few simple techniques into your daily schedule. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you. Educational technologies have the ability to change the way we teach and see our student’s health. It could help the students through allowing for more activity in the classroom, lessons dedicated to free movement and so on. The social media can help here as well since it can enable for better and more quality information sharing, as well as supporting the mental health of students. Hopefully, it will continue to move in this direction.

Author bio:

Nora Mork is a tutor and blog writer at Oxessays. She shares her experience by taking part in educational events, and contributing posts to online magazines and blogs, such as Revieweal.

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