Over the past few years, there have been so many advancements in technology, medicine, and science that it has been difficult to keep track. The progress is bound to continue over the coming years, but it is crucial to also start rethinking about education: from the impact of technology to the value of a degree.

By the year 2020, there will be vast changes in learners and their learning environments. With ubiquitous internet access, young people have access to various learning materials. Degree programs are embracing a learner-centric approach, and instructors are being endowed with better working conditions and career prospects. This article seeks to elaborate on what you can get most excited about education in 2020.

Customised learning experiences

One of the most exciting new directions in education is the proliferation of personalised education. Educators are developing customised learning experiences to fit the learning style of each student, be it kinesthetic, auditory, or visual. Of course, personalised learning has been the goal of great teachers for centuries. It’s just that emerging technologies are finally making these techniques possible in classrooms around the world.

Students will interact with others remotely

Up until recently, education was very teacher-centred. The knowledge of the educator in the classroom effectively limited what could be learned. These days, this is no longer the case. The internet is a vast database of information that can be used both in and outside of the classroom. Of course, many schools around the world are incorporating this goldmine of knowledge in their programmes, but, perhaps more inspiringly, students themselves are taking initiative. Of course, the internet still remains mostly a source of entertainment and socialisation, but emerging trends show some reason to be hopeful:

– The internet supports a culture of learning

– It allows students to find different opinions from around the world

– Teachers’ knowledge is no longer the limit of education for students

– An increasing number of free online educational tools

Internet of Things and connected schools

The Internet of Things holds remarkable potential in terms of building smarter, more connected schools. Not only does it help in saving money in terms of energy, but it also helps to keep students and schools safer and more connected. For instance, schools can determine where security features such as lighting would be of help to students and visitors.

In addition, students can share their assignments, for example how to make a resume in English, with their parents through real-time communication tools, enabling them to stay on top of schoolwork. Moreover, these technologies can help parents to know when their children are absent from class.


Of course, with such a proliferation of online tools, security is a priority for most parents and educators. The online world is certainly full of dubious content, some of it downright harmful.

As these issues are being brought to the foreground, questions of security become increasingly important. Luckily, the options for keeping your devices and data are also catching up. Technologies such as two-factor authentication and blockchain are currently still very seldom used in schools but as most of the world moves online, we can expect that to change in the coming years. For example, if students need professional do my essay for me assistance, they can be 100% sure in the security of a writing service.

Students have a voice – and it will be heard

The co-founder of Revolution of Foods, Kirsten Saenz Tobey, once sat down in a school cafeteria to conduct a little research. She asked the students how they felt about their day-to-day meal options, one of them responded, “Does this look like it was prepared by someone who respects me?” Students are Tobey’s customers. And if they feel that no one respects or listens to them, they will not buy into the healthier options her firm dishes out. However, this is not all about gummy worms and chocolate cake. A new app is being launched to give students nutrition info, the day’s menu, and feedback on what they are served.

In the coming years, pleasing and respecting students and their families as partners will become a new focus in remarkable ways.

People will think differently about the value of a degree

The CEO and Cofounder of General Assembly, Jake Schwartz, claims that the feasibility of institutions that depend on tuition is at danger due to the pressure of keeping tuition fees low while pairing it with the increasing population living with crippling debt. He states that this will aid in forcing an innovation drive with an unbundling of degree offerings. The education industry will notice a shift towards more relevant competency-based programs and aggressive competition for students. For instance, with professional assistance from a reputable custom writing company, students can boost their grades.

The huge gap between employment and education will force novelty and ingenuity upon universities and colleges, as they will have to factor in how they will offer attractive training to students for a workforce that is in dire need of them.


Another amazing thing about technology is that it makes knowledge and information easy to access despite someone’s capability to read it. This is evident for text-to-voice and voice-to-text transcription technologies which benefit students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Incorporating these solutions to school lessons can mean that all students are engaged and able to benefit from each lesson. It can also lead to less segregated lessons in general, leading to better results for children with learning difficulties.


In conclusion, technology has been and is having a big impact on education. Not only will it be easy for students to access information and knowledge online, but it would also be easy for them to determine their most convenient and appropriate means of learning. Of course, since many of the solutions are online, security has become the focus of many discussions. Making sure that students’ data and devices are secure is paramount in a world where so much learning happens online.

And, if you are a student struggling with learning how to write an English resume, in the coming years, this will no longer be an issue. Above are some of the things to get excited about in education in 2020.

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