The capital of Italy is a wildly popular destination for both tourists and expats looking to take in the breathtaking beauty and history of the city. With the glorious architecture and cuisine pulling (and keeping) a wide variety of foreigners into the city, Rome is a great place for practising your foreign language skills.

One of the best ways of getting conversation practice in Rome is to join the Roma Language and Social Exchange Meetup group.


Roma Language and Social Exchange is a very active Meetup group that organises language and cultural exchange events for its members. The group has a fairly large membership and is among the most active Meetup groups in Rome. Since the participants in the group promise to help each other with learning and practising languages, it is definitely one of the best ways of improving your foreign language skills in Rome.

While the group has one of the biggest Meetup memberships in Rome (over 3,300), this pales in contrast to their Facebook following. There, the same group unites more than 8,000 language lovers. With such an impressive following, you’ll be sure to find someone to practice your target language with.

In addition to other, non-regular events, the group’s members get together every week for a tandem language practice.


The group’s most popular event is the weekly Tandem meeting that takes place at the Rec23 restaurant in central Rome. The official address of the meeting place is Piazza dell’Emporio ½ and you can get there by bus or metro (line B, Piramide stop).

There is also detailed information about how to reach the place on the group’s page, or you can contact one for the organisers by phone or Whatsapp if you get lost (you need to join the Meetup group to find out the number).


The weekly Tandem language exchange events takes place every Monday evening, starting from 8:30 pm. It’s advisable to be there half an hour early to find out how the system works and meet a few people beforehand.

In addition to the Tandem event, occasionally the group also organises mid-week events, like picnics, sports nights, or parties. To find out more about the upcoming events, just keep an eye on the group’s event calendar.


Roma Language and Social Exchange is one of the most active and biggest Meetup groups in Rome. Taking part in their events is a great way of getting some conversation practice and meeting interesting people along the way. Additionally, the Tandem language exchange is free to participants (you should probably support the venue by buying a drink or dinner), as are most of the other events.

Photo credit: Roma Languages and Social Exchange Meetup group photo album.

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