It’s probably not surprising that in this day and age, having a strong online presence is necessary for all businesses and freelancers, no matter what field you are in. As private tutors, you may think that “word of mouth” is sufficient to keep your business going but students are increasingly looking for teachers online. And if you’re looking to expand your network, it is necessary to be present and findable online. There are so many potential students looking for teachers on the internet that it’s vital to have a way for them to contact you.

Here’s how to go about showcasing your teaching skills online.

Build your website

In order to make the most out of your online visibility to showcase your teaching skills, it is wise to make a professional website with high quality content. A website allows you to show that you exist. It also gives you the opportunity to present, in a clear and aesthetic manner, your activity, your story, and your values. It should be considered as a virtual and informative business card that will attract your potential clients 24/7.

As a private teacher, it would be highly recommended to use your website to showcase your résumé, your experience, demonstrate the subject areas in which you are specialised and a few of your students testimonials. This will help you show to your current and future students that you are someone to be trusted. It is also advisable to show your fees and how you work to be as transparent as possible. Finally, make yourself reachable. Offer an easy way to be contacted, whether that is by providing an email address or a call to action to reach you on a professional teacher’s network.

If you have limited web expertise, there are a few ways to go about building your website depending on your budget. The most affordable and easy option would be to do it via a website builder.

Join professional networks

Once you have your website built, you will be able to share it across your networks. Before doing so, a great way to showcase your teaching skills online is by joining professional teaching networks.

Professional networks and platforms that allow you to be contacted directly by students who are interested to learn from you, is a surefire way to get your activity going. It also helps make you more credible in the eyes of your future students.

More often than not, professional networks allow you to complete your profile with information about yourself. Here, you will be able to demonstrate your teaching skills as well as include a link to your website if your visitors want to know more about you.

Don’t forget quality content

To increase your online presence and be known for your teaching skills, you will need to take care of how you present yourself on your website and professional networks. This will help you stand out in search rankings and may even be helpful on professional networks.

Choose your keywords very well according to what you specialise in and give out as much relevant content as possible for people to know more about you. This in turn will help increase traffic to your website or profile. A great tool to check out is Semrush which can provide the most important keywords and show you how many times they are searched for, for you to use in your content.

If you are a great writer or love to write, you can even consider having a blog. Maintaining a blog is an excellent way to include more quality content that shows your skills. You can write about your teaching methods, or on your particular subject area. For instance, if you teach languages, you can write a great blog post about how culture can shape language.

Having a blog post is great to share your insights, ideas and inspirations. You can even share them directly on your social media profiles.

Go social

Going social is another excellent way to showcase your teaching skills, even if it is not as efficient as having a website or being on professional platforms. As mentioned previously, if you want to have a blog, you will be able to share your content via social media which can help increase the visibility of your teaching skills. Typically, Facebook can be a good network if you create your personal page and let other people know that you are a private tutor.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! It’s important for your students to know more about who they will be learning from and to see if you will be a good fit.

This article was written by Emilie. Emilie is an international world traveller who enjoys writing tips for entrepreneurs across all fields. She currently works for Heek, a website that helps independents such as private tutors make their own website by just discussing with a little robot!

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