Moscow is a beautiful city with a rich history. And if you decided to study in the capital of Russia, you made the right choice.

However, if you have never been to Moscow, adapting to a new culture may be difficult for you. As an international student, you should get prepared for solving not only school assignments but also day to day life challenges. If you want to adapt to a new city as soon as possible, here are a few tips for you.

#1 Do research on social media

Do you want to learn more about Moscow from Google? Well, it’s not the best way to get reliable information. Unfortunately, most of the articles published online contain irrelevant, out of date information.

Modern Moscow is not about politics, vodka, bears, matryoshka, and balalaika. It’s much more than that. And if you want to get up-to-date information about the city, you should research on social media:

– Check popular Instagram geotags. Do it to find photos of famous landmarks as well as popular restaurants and shopping malls. It will help you to understand what Moscow really looks like.

– Follow local bloggers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It will help you to learn more about locals, their habits, cultural values, and preferences.

– Find bloggers from your country, who currently live in Moscow. They will provide you with the most topical information about the city.

– Join groups created by international students on Facebook. Feel free to ask any questions you want to get answered.

#2 Find new friends

Probably the hardest part of being an international student is loneliness. When you live far away from your family and old friends, you may feel lonely and insecure. So it’s crucially important to make new acquaintances as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Moscow is a huge city that is popular among students from all over the world. So whether you come from the Netherlands, Guatemala, or Gambia, you will be able to meet your fellow countrymen here. So you can take advantage of making friends with people from a similar cultural background.

#3 Learn Russian

The truth is that not all Russians speak English. So if you want to adapt in Moscow, you should immerse yourself in studying Russian. You should start your journey from learning basic phrases to be able to communicate with the taxi drivers, cashiers at the supermarkets, etc.

If you don’t like to study grammar rules and read books, you can start learning Russian in Moscow in the following ways:

– Listen to Russian music

– Watch videos clips on YouTube

– Watch cartoons and ads to learn basic words

– Find a Russian-speaking person who is interested in learning your native language. Teach each other to write and speak in a foreign language online.

#4 Buy local SIM card

Once you arrive in Moscow, you should purchase a local SIM card. To do that, you should visit one of the mobile shops located near subway stations or at shopping malls. Keep in mind that to buy a SIM card, you must present your passport.

There are dozens of mobile phone companies in Russia, so you have plenty of options to choose from. However, it’s highly recommended to pick one of the following providers that are the most popular in Moscow:


– Beeline

– MegaFon

#5 Bring your favorite food

It’s highly recommended to bring your favorite spices and other specific products with you. Because it may happen that those products will not be available in Moscow, or, the prices for these items might be too high.

If you bring these products with you, you will be able to cook your favorite national dishes. It will help you to survive the first few months in Moscow, especially if you don’t like Russian cuisine.

#6 Do not drink water straight from the tap

Local authorities state that the quality of tap water in Moscow is high enough. However, most locals still avoid drinking water straight from the tap. They boil water or use a filter.

As a foreigner, you should take the quality of the water you consume seriously. You should boil tap water or buy bottled water at local supermarkets.

#7 Bring warm clothes

Keep in mind that winter in Moscow is moderately cold and snowy. For this reason, you should have warm outerwear and high boots in your closet. You can bring them from home or buy them in Russia.

Also, you should have a good umbrella and a light windbreaker coat. As a rule, fall and spring in the city are rainy and windy, so you must be prepared for the bad weather conditions.

#8 Don’t hesitate to get professional assistance

Once you arrive in Moscow, you, just like any other international student, will experience a culture shock. You will meet lots of new people, try new food, and visit unfamiliar places. The first few months in Russia will be rather stressful for you.

And it may happen that you will face some difficulties with completing your first school assignments. In this case, feel free to use essay writing service reviews. There is nothing wrong with it. Once you get used to the new environment, you will be able to work on your essays on your own.

In conclusion

You should understand one important thing – it’s impossible to adapt in Moscow overnight. It will take you a few weeks, or even a few months to get used to the unfamiliar environment. So take your time, enjoy your life’s journey, and do your best to get good grades at university.

Author bio: Daniela McVicker is an editor for TopWritersReview. She has a master’s degree in English Literature, and she is truly passionate about learning foreign languages and teaching. Daniela combines her passions by assessing different educational resources like in this review of Trustmypaper. Feel free to connect with Daniela on social media.

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