Imagine the sight of a single teacher keeping the entire class engaged and making sure that they follow the lesson. With sometimes more than 30 people in the room, it is indeed not easy! But, thanks to the helping hand of technology, all this has become much easier for teachers. With the advent of various education software and applications, teachers can spend more time doing what they enjoy and manage the workload.

In case you are a teacher, who is on the lookout for a cost-effective classroom management software, here is a list that will give you all the insights to some of the best applications and software to aid you with your classroom management and other teaching activities.

1. Get Started and Seated with Smart Seat

Making seating planners on paper is simply a waste of time and efficiency. Thus comes the application smart seat that can help any teacher chart out the seating arrangement in the most effective and easy way. Make it more interesting by using charts and grids.

Plan, Grade, Work

2. Stay ahead with Instant Classroom

Imagine there was some way of taking a class while you are not actually present there physically! This impossible feat can now be achieved with the help of Instant Classroom. With this application, you can create classes with up to 100 students. This application comes with the features of enabling a teacher to create seating charts, select names randomly and make groups for various activities.

3. Planned the TeacherKit Way

Being a teacher is not easy, especially when you have the future of so many students in your hand. So many things to plan and organise, that it gets just a little overwhelming. But, with the help of TeacherKit, planning and organising almost everything becomes easy. Organise your time tables and schedules with just a click and stay ahead.

4. Direct the Class Act Way

There may be times when as a teacher you are on the move. At times like this with the help of the Class Act app, a teacher can monitor the progress even when they are on the move. Different mode settings help you plan and assess your classes better even remotely as your on the move.

5. Elevate with Edmodo

A web-based application that allows teachers to share content, provide real-time feedback to students and also for classroom management of schedules and seating arrangements. A variety of functions and operations that can be controlled and managed with a single point application Edmodo.

Limit Noises

6. Cut the noise with Too Noisy

One of the simplest yet most effective applications to be developed is the Too Noisy app. This application, in the simplest and most interactive way, helps the teachers take care of the one problem that they face the most – noise. It comes with a background display which indicates graphically the moment the noise gets loud and this sets off an alarm, that will let the students know that the classroom is getting too noisy.

7. Do away with the TooLoud

Another way of making sure that the classroom does not become a fish market is with the help of the TooLoud software. The moment the noise becomes louder than the threshold set, it will sound off an alarm and this will again help teachers control their class and bring them back to being in a quiet state.

Manage Student Behaviour

8. The Friendly ClassDojo

Another challenge that most teachers face is meeting the parents at every parent-teacher meeting and informing them about the behaviour of their children. But, with this application, printing informative behavioural reports will be fast, easy, and effective. ClassDojo is a software that gives the students feedback almost instantly and that too on a real-time basis.

9. Trendy Traffic Light

Another app-based software that you can use simply for fun or behavioural management. Play games and give instructions based on the colour of the light displayed on the virtual traffic light and probably teach them about road safety at the same time.

10. Be The Hero

A singular app-based software that helps schools and classrooms manage student behaviour by reducing classroom disruption. This application also allows the teachers and management to aware scores to those students who behave and perform well.

Engage Students

11. Get creative with Socrative Teacher

Your one-stop application and software to take care of all your engaging and assessment needs is definitely Socrative teacher. Conduct tons of quizzes and activities based on the lesson plan and topic going on in class. Ask multiple-choice questions, create your own quizzes, play games and lots more.

12. Wow your class with Kahoot

Students these days love playing games and keeping this in mind the application Kahoot was created. An interactive game-based classroom response system that is designed to teach students in a way that they ask for more. With the help of Kahoot, subject and topic-based games are displayed on the screen and the entire class can together play the game and learn at the same time. Screen sharing can be done through Google Hangout and Skype.

13. Keep Time with the Best Sand Timer

Imagine a sand timer but in the digital form. Now timing competitions, exams, and timed activities gets simpler. No need to spend too much effort in keeping an eye on the timer; just set the time and let the digital sand timer do the rest.

Share and Control Content

14. Stay Updated with NetSupport

Most students hate being a part of the morning assembly because at random they are told to narrate a few headlines from that day. With the help of NetSupport, teachers can now keep their students updated with the recent headlines and news information.

15. Manage Media with Media Time Manager

This application, developed by a father of three, is probably one that every classroom and home must have. It is a given fact that youngsters these days thrive on gadgets and screen time, but with the help of the Media Time Manager, you can now set a time limit for screen time. Simple, effective, and, what’s more, when they chip in doing household chores they get a bonus of screen time.

16. Mobile Detect with Nearpod

Mobiles are a part of every student’s must-have, but what if the same mobiles can be used for educational purposes? With the help of the application Nearpod, teachers can now control what their students see in class. At the same time, they can even put on slideshows and other exercises that can be viewed by the students on their own mobile screens.

17. Control viewing with GoGuardian

Worried about the content material that students are viewing when on the school premises? Now, with the help of GoGuardian set controls you can only let them watch controlled and regulated content.

Make the Admin Easier for Yourself

18. Manage the Workload with Administrator’s Plus

A cloud-based revolutionary application that helps streamline almost all operational activities that a teacher and school’s management team needs to oversee. Save time and money and let Administrator’s Plus take care of attendance, scheduling, report cards, billing, and grades.

19. Go Grading with Gradelink

No longer do you need to host back-to-back parent-teacher meets. With the help of Gradelink, one integrated software can have all the teachers and the parents connected on a single platform. Operational activities, such as marking attendance, tracking grades, and attendance are also executable with the help of Gradelink.

20. Create a storm with CourseStorm

A cloud-based software which manages all the online course registrations along with the marketing and payment processing as well.

21. Sort the legal stuff and Get Self Employed

Navigating local business beauracracy and paying the right taxes is a challenge wherever you’re living. Find a local expert to help you with the details.

22. Automate your processes with Zapier and Integromat

If you’re using apps like Gmail, Google Sheets, Trello, Calendly or Asana you can automate your processes using a tool like Zapier or Integromat. If you need help with that, work with an agency like Luhhu.


Being a teacher is hard work; you are responsible for developing and shaping young minds that often seem reluctant to the process. Luckily, these days there is plenty of technology out there to help you in your job. From managing badly behaved students to making grading easier, find the apps that you most need in your job from the previous list and make your life easier.

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