There are plenty of ways you can use the Internet to help you with your language learning. Regardless of what your target language is, you’ll be able to find valuable resources that you simply could not access even 15 years ago, truly making this the golden age for language learners. For example, one excellent way the world wide web helps your learning is the plethora of blogs dedicated to languages. You can find learning hacks, motivational tips, and great resources that can help you no matter what language you’re currently learning.

So, today we’re going to look at the best and most useful blogs out there that will help you whether you’re learning French, Vietnamese, or Quechua.


One of the best sub-categories for language learner blogs are the ones written by real-life polyglots. They can provide tips and language hacks that they themselves have used and which you can adopt in your learning.

I Will Teach You a Language

Written by the fully fledged polyglot Olly Richards, this blog has it all – quick and dirty tricks, motivational posts, and strategies to become a better learner. While six languages – Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, and Japanese – get a special shout-out in the blog, you’ll find something engaging whatever your target language.

Fluent in 3 Months

Another known name in the language-learning business, this is a blog run by the Irish polyglot Benny. His very ambitious goal of becoming fluent in pretty much any language within 3 months might be somewhat challenging for most of us, but he is one of the most influential language hackers out there and will happily teach you his tricks.

The Mezzofanti Guild

Run by Donovan Nagel, this extremely good-looking website provides long and expertly written posts by both Donovan and guest authors who clearly know their business. Focusing equally on opinion piece style writing and practical guides, this blog will provide you with at least a couple of interesting views on language learning that you hadn’t considered before.


Another great resource for language learners are the various company blogs out there. Even if you’re not interested in signing up whatever they are attempting to sell you, many of these still provide excellent self-study tricks (or, better yet, free trial periods).

Teacher Finder

Going a bit meta, we’ll start our recommended company blogs off with our own one. Since you’re already reading this article, you’ve surely found something of interest here. From interesting language facts to hands-on guides for both teachers and language learners, you’ll surely find something to pique your interest.


Another hugely prolific blog, FluentU is extremely useful for their ever-expanding list of, well, lists. They provide excellent numbered lists for everything from iPad apps to learning journals. They do less with original content and more with pointing you to whatever you’re searching but this long-running blog has covered so many topics that you’ll be sure to find their articles an interesting read.

The Linguist

This blog could’ve quite well also been under the polyglot section. Run by Steve Kaufman, a man with over 50 years of experience in learning languages, The Linguist offers you an excellent insight into what has made Kaufman such a successful language learner himself. He does pair the blog with his own teaching method that you may or may not want to check out.

Conclusion – Whatever your language learning needs, there is a blog for you

Whether you’re looking for hands-on guides, tips on how to memorise vocabulary better, or simply motivation to keep going, there is a blog that will help you. Give a try to the ones we’ve listed here and if you still feel like you haven’t had enough, here is a list of another 100 language learning blogs.

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