These days students are different because they are being raised in a world full of technology. It is quite natural for students of all ages to make use of it in almost every aspect of their everyday lives. Consequently, digital tools for teachers need to be applied in the classroom. They can even be used to explain such things as grammar and new slots on the screen will make the process fun. In fact, traditional teaching methods are already being transformed to adapt to the students` needs and to improve the teachers` professional practice.

Teaching with technology provokes curiosity in students which results in better comprehension and learning. The mentioned factors are extremely important for every teacher and these days they can easily apply digital tools to achieve them. Finding such tools will not be hard, especially when there are so many free teaching resources on the internet. In this article, you will find the best tools for classroom that foster respect, relationships and responsibility. In addition to that, many of them can be applied by both students and teachers.


It is a digital software which helps to create interactive presentations. It can be used by both teachers and students of all ages. Prezi helps people to make such presentations which happen to be more effective and engaging.


Scratch is mainly for children between 8 and 16 years old. This tool allows students to create fun learning games, interactive art, animation and more. Scratch is going to be an extremely useful digital tool for the students who are interested in making programs. With this program, they will get a wonderful start to think not only in a creative way but in an innovative way as well.


This one is meant for teachers, students and their parents. This one happens to be a system for learning management. It is free and lets teachers create and distribute necessary materials. Schoology also allows providing assessments. Generally, the principle is similar to Google Classroom, but you will find more features here. The content is organized in an easier way. It is also possible to record video and audio within Schoology.


This one is that educational tool which makes it possible to access virtual classrooms around the world. Using Edmodo teachers can interact with students online. It is also regarded as the largest network for teachers, their students, parents and administrators. The good part is that it can be used by parents to be aware of the learning process.


This application provides a library of knowledge where every “Jig” happens to be a 3D presentation of how ordinary things you see everyday work. AR education materials are explained in steps and can be viewed virtually. JigSpace allows students to view such things as the solar system, the human organs and other objects.

Book Creator

This is one of the best educational apps available for iOS, Android and Windows. The application allows both teachers and students to make and publish digital books which can include drawings, sounds and pictures in addition to text. With the help of Book Creator, you can create an exciting lesson that would provide a unique educational experience. Moreover, the app is free not only for PC but for mobile devices as well.


Technology is extremely useful for education; consequently, there are no reasons to ignore this trend. In fact, it should be quite opposite – the teachers can deliver knowledge effectively by means of incorporating digital tools in classroom.

This way, they will encourage their students to develop and learn. For this reason, the educators should be aware of tech trends for teachers and implement them as often as they can. Currently, the developers have created a wide range of such tools which make it possible to create cartoon characters, presentations, video and even games. All of them are good for conveying ideas and visual concepts.

The mentioned above digital tools are just some of the ones teachers can access and use in classroom. Another good news is that most of them are free of charge or provide a free trial. Do not hesitate, find the tools which are the best for you and make your teaching more effective and fun.

Author bio: Mollie Shirley is an English teacher who has 7 years of teaching experience. The age of her students ranges from 7 to 18 years. She has been successfully applying innovative technologies throughout her professional practice. Mollie writes articles on different topics connected with teaching to share her experience.

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