Frequently asked questions

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  • Do I pay the teacher directly?

    Yes. If you’re having lessons in person you should pay your teacher in cash. If you’re having Skype lessons you can pay them by bank transfer or Paypal.

  • Can I ask my teacher questions or have a trial lesson before we start?

    We encourage you to ask your teacher as many questions as you like before you start lessons as we want you to feel comfortable once you start learning. You can do this by email or arrange a Skype or phone call with your teacher. If you want to have a trial lesson with your teacher before you commit to more, that’s fine, but you’ll need to pay for the lesson in full.

  • What teaching methods and materials is my teacher going to use?

    That’s up to you and your teacher. If you have a learning style that suits you best, tell us, and we’ll make sure to match you with a teacher that you’re going to be comfortable with. Then, before you start lessons, discuss your goals and objectives with your teacher and get their feedback to make sure you both understand each other.

  • Are all your language teachers qualified?

    Yes, all of our teachers are qualified in some way. Most have trained as language teachers and have gained certifications such as TEFL or CELTA or have a degree in languages. Others might have had specialised training they’ve gained through their careers. You can find a particular teacher’s qualifications on their profile page.

  • Are all your teachers native speakers?

    We don’t only work with native-speaking language teachers. To be part of our team, teachers need to speak the language they are teaching fluently, not with a heavy accent, have a teaching qualification and relevant experience.

  • How will you decide which teacher to match me with?

    We use a number of factors to decide. We’ll try to match you with someone that shares your interests. If you’re preparing for exams or want to improve a specific skill we’ll find a teacher that has experience in that area.

  • What if things don't go well with my teacher?

    If you feel things are not going well with your teacher, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to try and resolve the situation, or match you with a new teacher.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    If you need to miss a lesson then you should give your teacher at least 24 hours notice, otherwise they may charge you for it.

  • Are there any extra charges?

    All of our teachers charge the prices listed above. The only exception is when a teacher must travel over 30 minutes outside the centre of the city to get to lessons. In these cases, a teacher is entitled to charge up to 25% extra for lessons.

  • Can I get an invoice?

    If you need an invoice let us know when you request a teacher and we’ll make sure your teacher gives you one.

  • Can I bring an extra person to lessons?

    Yes you can. In this case lesson costs will increase. We can also arrange group lessons if you want to bring more than one extra person.

  • What are the prices for group lessons?

    Group lessons are custom-priced, based on a number of factors such as the size of the group, the group’s current level and what skills they need to learn.

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