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You can find some lesson advice and our terms at the end of this page. If this is your first time having private lessons we’ve included a get started guide below and our terms and conditions.

How to get the most out of private lessons

Terms and conditions of service

– By starting lessons with the teacher with whom we match you, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

– We act in good faith when we match you with a teacher and make every effort to match you with a teacher that is qualified, experienced and able to teach you. Ultimately though, you should make sure you are completely satisfied with your teacher before you start and pay for lessons.

– If you’ve paid your teacher for a block of lessons and wish to receive a refund for any reason this must be arranged directly with the teacher. We cannot issue refunds on behalf of teachers. Should you not be able to agree on a refund with your teacher, it will be up to you to pursue this yourself based on the laws of the country in which your lessons are taking place. At our discretion, we may agree to pay you up to 100 Euros or the equivalent rate in the currency you paid your teacher in instances of gross misconduct by the teacher where you are unable to receive a refund directly from them.

– You agree to keep in regular contact with your teacher, attend scheduled lessons, give 24 hours notice when you need to cancel or reschedule lessons and to take lessons seriously. If you repeatedly fail to do any of these things your teacher may opt to stop teaching you and will not be obliged to give you a refund.

– We only have limited ability to verify the identity of our teachers and we do not conduct any sort of background or police checks. Therefore, if the lessons are for someone under the age of 18, an adult should be present at all times during lessons.

– We are not responsible for any wrongdoing committed by the teacher you are matched with. All possible criminal and civil liability lies with the teacher themselves.