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Ander A

Hi, My name is Ander and I am from the beautiful San Sebastian in Northern Spain. I am 27 years old and have been living in Berlin for seven months ...

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Alaitz A

I started teaching at university while I was doing research. Always focused on issues related to Chemical Engineering. This was from 1999 to 2009 and taught in Spanish and Basque ...

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Chris L

Hello! I'm a native-English (from near London) Teacher who has taught for over 10 years with many successful students. I teach conversational and business English, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar ...

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Here are some interesting facts about

Like Albanian , Basque, or euskara, is unrelated to any other European languages and forms a language isolate.

Basque is primarily spoken in the Basque country – a region in western Pyrenees, covering parts of today’s Spain and France. Over 90% of the speakers live in the Spanish part.

Although the Basque language has less than 1,2 mln speakers (including people who don’t actively use the language), it still boasts five separate dialects and a standardised version – Euskara Batua.

Despite the several theories in circulation, the origin of Basques and their language remains a mystery.

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