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The Cambridge langauge exams are some of the most prestigious and well regarded English exams in the world. There are a variety of types of test you can take depending on your field, age and level of experience, including KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, YLE, and BEC.

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Aser H

My name is Aser, I am originally from Cairo, Egypt. I was born abroad and have lived most of my life in different countries, including Canada. I have used English ...

Seraphina T

Hallo, bonjour, 你好, hej, ciao, こんにちは, sveiki, hola, สวัสดี and hello! My name is Seraphina and I would love to help you learn English. I have an in-dept knowledge English, ...

Giuseppe Z

Italian lessons with an Italian native speaker, graduate (majors in English and Spanish) with 4 years of teaching experience. Advanced in English and Spanish, and with expertise in Italian grammar ...

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