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Ekrem G

Я из Германии и являюсь носителем языка. В течение 2 лет в Германии я обучал иностранных школьников и студентов немецкому языку. За последние 2 года я обучал немецкой грамматике, разговорной ...

Clyde Q

I am Clyde, and I love teaching others to learn a language at the same time having fun. Aside from having the passion to teach, I am into learning languages, ...

Tatjana H

Hello to all lovers of the German language! My name is Tatjana, a graduated German language and literature teacher. I come from Macedonia, where I also finished my four years ...

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Here are some interesting facts about German

German, or Deutsch, in the language with most native speakers in the European Union. It’s an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, parts of Italy and Belgium.

The closest relatives to German are other West Germanic languages, such as English, Dutch, and Afrikaans.

German borrows its vocabulary heavily from Latin and Greek. More recently, English and French have also had an impact on the way German is spoken.

There are vast differences in how German is used throughout Europe (and the world). The different dialects are not always mutually intelligible, some are even considered to be separate languages.

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