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Barry Z

A newcomer to Singapore, been in the IT services providing & business development field for the past 25Y. Working with kids and teenagers as the Jerusalem triathlon & cycling group ...

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Leo G

I have taught Hebrew in South Africa and Mathematics and Economy in Israel. In South Africa, I gave private lessons and taught classes in Middle School. I have taught beginner ...

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Ruth S

I was born and educated in the UK. I did a TEFL certification in London, where I taught adults English. I then came to Israel where I did an MA ...

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Here are some interesting facts about Hebrew

Hebrew, or עברית, has more than 9 million speakers, most of whom (5 million) live in Israel. The second highest Hebrew speaking population is in the United States.

For several hundred years, Hebrew died out as an everyday spoken language. It survived thanks to its status as a sacred language in Judaism. In the 19th century, Hebrew was revived as a spoken and written language.

Hebrew is the only surviving member of the Canaanite languages – this was the first group of languages to use an alphabet to record their writing.

Since most of the Hebrew Bible is written in Biblical Hebrew – a form of the language that is believed to have been in use around 6th century BC – Hebrew is known “the Holy Language” among Jews.

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