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Avinash D

Hello! My name is Avinash and I'm a native Hindi speaker, I have done my Master’s in Business administration at Bangkok University in Thailand and currently I am living in ...

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Alex S

Like to teach to help students achieve their goals of improving their English for all purposes. Over 18 years experience Experience with CEFR and other international standards. Education Background: Bachelor's, ...

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Shibha V

I am a 29-year-old Indian American, soon to be Dutch woman. I teach and speak fluent English, German, Turkish and Hindi. I have been living in Brussels for a year ...

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Here are some interesting facts about Hindi

After Mandarin, English, and Spanish, Hindi is the fourth most spoken first language on the planet.

Although Hindi is used by the Indian government for official purposes, it is not a national language.

Despite not being a national language, it is a widely used lingua franca in the northern and central parts of India.

Hindi has its origins in Sanskrit but has had influence from a variety of other languages, including English, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, and Turkish.

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