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Andrea D

As a lover of different cultures and languages, a native Hungarian but having half of my family living in English speaking countries, also educated in a bilingual French-Hungarian school, I ...

Cintia S

Welcome everyone. My name is Cynthia. I have Bachelor Degree as language teacher. I have been teaching languages for 10 years now. I'm offering German, Hungarian and English classes as ...

Johanna D

Trilingual speaker: Hungarian, English, and Romanian, while preparing to step up in my German skills as well. As being a native Hungarian I can help you to dive in in ...

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Here are some interesting facts about Hungarian

Hungarians themselves call their language magyar. This word is also used in English to denominate the Hungarian people as an ethnic group.

Hungarian is distantly related to Finnish and Estonian, and belongs to the same – Uralic – language family.

Although it shares some roots with Finnish, Hungarian is known as “the world’s loneliest language”, since it has no significant similarities with any other language in the world.

There have been long arguments over how to classify this language. During the 19th century, Hungarian was also thought to be related to Turkish.

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