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Yosuke K

Hi, I am Yosuke, 27 years old. I am from Japan. I've been living in Berlin for four years now. I like cooking Japanese food and travelling. I speak in ...

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Kanako T

Hi, my name is Kanako. I study Art in Vienna from this Semester! I was born and grew up in Hiroshima-city. I studied MA and worked in Tokyo around 9 ...

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Naoko K

My name is Naoko. I have been teaching Japanese for three and a half years after I studied at a Japanese training school. I used to work as a graphic ...

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Here are some interesting facts about Japanese

Although debated, Japanese is thought to have developed as a unique language. Little is known about the early history of Japanese.

Japanese has about 130 million native speakers, mostly living in Japan.

While Japanese does use pitch accent, it is not a tonal language, unlike many other Asian languages.

There are 4 different Japanese writing systems – kanji, hiragana, katakana and romanji – each with different use cases and history.

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