Lesson prices

All our language teachers charge the same price for lessons and you can pay them directly.

All prices are listed in the local currency. Your city not listed? We’ll calculate the lesson cost when you request a teacher.

We set fixed prices to keep things simple. You’ll only have to pay more if:

– You live more than 30 minutes by public transport from the center of the city.
– You want lessons before 07:00 or after 20:00.
– You want to learn a particularly specialist skill.
– You want to bring one or more people with you to lessons.

In any of these cases, your teacher may increase the cost of lessons.

We keep the money bit simple

All our teachers charge the same for lessons. No need to negotiate.

Pay your teacher directly in cash, or by PayPal or bank transfer.

Have lessons as regularly as you want. The price will stay the same.

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