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We don’t charge you for anything up front. You pay a referral fee only once you’ve had successful lessons with a student.

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Sign up in only 10 minutes

We make joining the team quick and easy. We just need to know about your qualifications, experience and a little about you so we can create your profile. If all your details are OK, you’ll be ready to go within a week.

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No need to search for them yourself. Once you’re on the team we’ll ask about your teaching preferences and availability, and match you with appropriate students. We’ll introduce you to them by email and let you take things from there.

Pay us a one-off fee only when the student starts lessons

Students pay you directly in cash, by bank transfer, or by PayPal. Once you’ve been paid for at least four hours of lessons, we charge you a one-off referral fee equal to two of them. After that, everything you earn you keep.

Ready for some new private students?

Sign up now and get new students within days.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a teaching qualification?

You should only apply to join the team if you have a teaching degree or a language teaching qualification such as a TEFL or CELTA certificate. Other than this, years of experience teaching or working in the field of communications or linguistics may also be considered.

How are lessons arranged?

We put you in contact with the student by email and send you a copy of the form they filled in. It’s then up to you to arrange a time and place for lessons and collect money from them.

How does the fee work?

You pay us a fee equal to the cost of 2 hours of lessons. You only need to pay this once a student has paid you for at least 4 hours of lessons and you’re confident they’ll continue. It’s a one-off fee, so once it’s paid, you keep everything you earn from that student going forward.

What if a student quits?

If they are paying for lessons individually and they quit before they’ve had 4 lessons, then you don’t need to pay us any fee. Don’t worry though, this rarely happens.

Must I be a native speaker?

We happily work with native and non-native speakers. Fluency, passion and experience teaching is what we look for.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We ask all students to tell their teacher at least 24 hours beforehand if they need to cancel. If they don’t then you’re entitled to charge them for the lesson, however, you are responsible for enforcing this.

When will I hear about my application?

We get a high number of applications, so you’ll only get a reply if you’ve been successful. If you haven’t heard from us in within a week, you can assume your application was unsuccessful. If your circumstances change, you are free to reapply any time in the future.

Are you hiring me?

No. We’re a company that helps you find new students. By joining the team, you acknowledge that you are a freelance teacher working directly with your students and you take responsibility for paying taxes on your earnings. There is no contract to sign and our relationship is based on trust. If you don’t pay your fees we will stop finding you students.

Do I need a place to teach?

We leave it to you and the student to work out somewhere suitable for lessons. It’s helpful if you can teach from home, but many students can meet you at their home or office. You can also meet somewhere public.

Is there a set teaching method?

As you’re the expert on teaching, we let you use the methods and materials they know best. Make sure you discuss goals with your students, plan lessons accordingly, give feedback and monitor their progress as they progress.

How much do I charge students?

We set fixed prices for lessons and you must stick to these. If you have to travel more than 30 minutes outside the centre of the city, we allow you to charge extra at your discretion.