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Francesco V

I am from northern Italy, from a town close to Venice, and since one year I am living in Prague, and this is one of my best experiences abroad so ...

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Daniel D

Hi, I’m Daniel an experienced American English tutor with a Yale degree. I love teaching English and helping students become better. I have 5 years of experience with all ages ...

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Lacey S

Hi, my name is Lacey and I am a Native English Speaker from Minnesota, USA. I am now living in Berlin. I have a TEFL certificate from the Language House ...

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Clare S

Hello, I'm Clare and I have recently moved to Madrid from England with my partner to enjoy a new and exciting way of life. For the past 20 years I ...

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Yeon J

Hello. My name is Yeon Joo. I go by Joo. I grew up in Korea and I spent my high school in United States. When I first moved to United ...

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Lydia G

My name is Lydia. I'm a certified Russian and Ukrainian coach based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I have over 10 years of teaching languages to Kyiv expats and international adult students ...

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Mia K

I am moving to Helsinki in October and would like to start teaching. I have two years of tutoring experience (elementary pupils). I am a fun loving and motivated person ...

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Lyn D

Hello, I am Lyn. I was born in England and also have Australian citizenship. Most of my career has been in the media industry in journalism for major newspapers, advertising, ...

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Olena B

Hi. My name is Olena. I am a teacher with over 7 years of experience online and in the classroom. I speak 4 languages fluently (English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish) ...

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Elsa Y

I am a native Chinese speaker. Bachelor's degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Second Foreign Language. I speak standard mandarin without regional accent. I specialized in phonetics, lexicology, grammar, psycholinguistics, ...

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Klaudja D

I have successfully completed my Master degree at the University of Foreign Languages, Department of Teacher of French Language. After graduation, I had the privilege to work at the Ministry ...

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Emilio D

Hello! I am from Valencia, a city located in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. These past years, I lived in Italy and in the United Kingdom, where I taught Spanish ...

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Jack W

I am a native Afrikaans speaker that wish to teach to those that wants to learn it. I am very patient, helpful and friendly and will certainly be able to ...

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Lina A

English language is absolutely essential for a modern person. The better your English is, the more successful on today’s job market you are. I know it from my own experience ...

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Elizabeth R

I am Elizabeth and I live in Budapest since 3 years ago. I love to teach Spanish and show my Latin American culture to the world. I am very dedicated ...

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Patrick H

I have been a teacher for 20 years during which time I have gathered a wide set of skills that enhance my student centered approach to a job that I ...

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Robert P

Hello and welcome! Nice to meet you! With my 4 year degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) & Spanish I have been working as an English and ...

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Santilli C

I'm Italian and I studied and worked in France for 7 years. In Paris: - Tutoring in Italian and French for upper secondary education - Lecturer of Italian in French ...

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Anna M

Hi, I am Anna. I teach, I inspire and you will get the results. No matter what you are aiming for. It might be English for business or immigration or ...

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Mattia M

Ciao! My name is Mattia, I am 28 and I am Italian. I am a qualified teacher of Italian to foreigners since 2015 and I am really passionate about introducing ...

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Bernat B

Hey if you are looking for a native Spanish teacher call me! I can also teach Catalan! Education Background: Bachelor's, Vocational, Self-taught - Languages and Humanities Work Background: Education, Art ...

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Kristina T

Hey! My name is Kris. In our modern world, having the knowledge of English is essential. It is pretty necessary, at least, to possess some basic knowledge. And I will ...

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Racim B

Hi there, i am a medical doctor and I'm passionate about languages. I can teach you French for whatever purpose, with the right accent and in a fun, modern way ...

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Tamara V

I'm a communications professional with 10 years experience working across 4 continents (Australia, Canada, UK, Japan) with a passion for helping students fulfil their individual learning goals. I have a ...

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