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I am 29 years old and a native German speaker, born and raised in the Ruhr area in the west of Germany. I have always been interested in learning and teaching languages and have lived abroad for the most part of the last decade. I studied in the UK, have lived in Denmark, as well as Sweden, and am now in Berlin.

I have always worked in Education, mostly as a lecturer at university level as well as as a teacher at Education First. During the month of October I am free at any time, and will make your tutoring my priority. In November I am starting a part-time position at a primary school as an Integration Pedagogue, so my availability will change. However, I am absolutely dedicated to and passionate about language teaching.

As a person and a tutor I am very sensitive to cultural idiosyncrasies and am aware that the understanding of a new language depends on the student’s native language. Not only grammars are unique in different languages, but each of us is unique, too!

I also try to convey (and explain) cultural aspects when teaching a language. As a native German, who really feels at home in the UK, I have insight into both of the cultures and always try to include that insight into my teaching.

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