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Im Alfred from the UK with 10 years teaching experience in 3 different countries.
I’ve taught beginners through to advanced…all ages and levels and trained staff for large companies such as mercedes benz, red hat and Guinness world records.
I want you to ENJOY your classes so we learn a lot and smile a lot!
I teach everyday expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms with a focus on repitition and speaking without translating…… so you will be thinking in English in a short time.
Key to my classes are….new vocabulary, repetition, fluency, intonation and good pronunciation.
Interaction is a must and you will be doing plenty of talking and practising oral and grammatical skills.
I believe it’s a simple process and confidence breeds success!
Constant revision and correction will ensure our mutual satisfaction and I generally care about the satisfaction of my students. I have ex students from many countries who are now friends.
If you’re interested, don’t get left behind, make contact for a friendly chat.
Wishing all my potential students a successful future!

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