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I have taught Portuguese as a second language for the last 15 years in several languages institutes until I decided to work on my own. I’ve had hundreds of students from all corners of the world and I am fully aware of the variety of obstacles speakers of other languages face when they learn Portuguese. I like to think of my lessons as an informal and effective environment where students can see progress everyday. My method is based on a communicative approach but it goes a bit beyond a sole focus on oral skills. I believe in a global approach to language teaching and that’s why I try to include all skills in a lesson: speaking adequately in context, listening comprehension with a focus on pronunciation, reading for vocabulary and grammar in real context, writing as a way to boost production skills in a controlled way.
I am also a PhD researcher in the field of applied psycholinguistics and language teaching. I live in the centre of Porto where I also have my office.

Education Background: Master’s, PhD – English, German and Portuguese
Work Background: Education, Science
Teaching Qualification: Language Degree

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Business Communication Skills, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish
Languages Taught: Portuguese, English

Exam preparation lessons: Yes – Citizenship
Children’s lessons: No

Hobbies and interests:

Art, Creative Writing, Travelling

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