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Bonjour à tous ! My name is Sonia. I am 34-year-old Parisian woman. I would consider myself as a travel lover as I have lived in many countries starting from Canada where I originally graduated from an E-business Master back in 2009. I have worked in Internet companies for a couple of years but it didn’t suit me well, that is why I decided to change my career and start an official course to become a French Teacher. I gave French classes to my Mexican friends while I was leaving in Montreal and found it quite fun and rewarding. I got the DAEFLE, an official language teaching certification delivered by Alliance Française in 2014 and I have been teaching French abroad since then. I taught in the Maldives, Australia, New Zealand and China to both adults and kids in different institutions (Alliance Française, public schools, language centers…) Three years ago, I decided to give a try to online teaching and it became a part of my life as well. It’s amazing to be able to teach to anyone in the world who decides to learn French. Definitely, this is a profession I really enjoy especially when I can properly follow my students in their learning. Now, after a long list of travels, it’s time for me to settle down back in Paris where I would love to teach and help anyone who is struggling with the French language and/or the Parisian lifestyle.

I can help a beginner.
I can help someone prepare for a language exam
I can help someone improve their business communications skills.
I can teach younger children (1-10).
I can teach older children (11-18).

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