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My name is Blanka, and I’m a 22 year-old Hungarian/Swedish university student living in Budapest.
I was born in Hungary, but moved to Sweden at the age of 7. After finishing high school in Sweden, I decided to move back to Budapest to attend university. I now study psychology here, which is I really enjoy. I love sports, traveling, cooking, reading and most of all coffee.
If you’re eager to learn or improve your English, Swedish or Hungarian language skills, I’d love to help you reach your goals. I believe that the best way to master a language is to practice speaking it as much as possible. If you choose me to be your tutor for any of these languages, you can expect lots of interesting conversations, and hopefully I can help you to improve in a fun, interactive way.
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

Education Background: Self-taught – English Literature
Work Background: Food
Teaching Qualification: Self-taught

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Business Communication Skills, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Vocabulary

Languages Spoken: English, Hungarian, Swedish
Languages Taught: English, Hungarian, Swedish

Exam preparation lessons: No
Children’s lessons: Yes – 6+

Hobbies and interests:

Cooking, Food, Music, Sports, Travelling

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