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Hi there!

I am an experienced professional language teacher. I am an enthusiastic and reliable character and very passionate about Dutch language, history, and culture. I have been teaching Dutch, English, and History for over 10 years now.
Language is all about communication. Together we will focus on pronunciation and dialogues from the very beginning. Since I am a historian, I’d love to tell you things about Dutch culture and customs, but only if you are up for it.

Everyone is different – it is cliché but so true. The lessons are based upon your capabilities and wishes, ranging from an integration programme to personal growth or conversational skills. I will be in direct contact with you about the learning trajectory, to measure progress and evaluate lessons. I’ll do my best to make you feel confident and have fun along the way. Let’s go in this journey together! Dare to speak, just try!

Language is a passion for me, speaking with an international group of friends as well as reading novels or watching comedy series. I love to travel and speak a bit of French, German and Italian. English and Dutch I speak and write fluently. I love to learn different cultures and people.

I hope to speak to you soon, in Dutch!

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