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Hi All!

I am Dawid and I have been teaching German as a foreign language for about 10 years. I am from Munich and I was raised bilingual- German-Polish, so I have a good feeling for the problems that are showing off by learning the languages. My English level is like C1, so I can easily explain to you for example German grammar issues in English, if it is necessary. I speak ten languages, so if English isn’t your strong side, maybe I can explain to you German in another language that I speak.
Currently I am studying Russian and Regional Studies Asia & Africa with Mongolian language at Humboldt University in Berlin. Earlier I was studying Germanistics.
I can prepare you for some exams in the TELC examination, if you need it, or just we can have tutoring sessions for German, that is gonna refer to speaking, reading, writing, listening and grammar. I also have my own materials or the book that I am using with my students. Just feel free to contact me.

See you!

I can help a beginner.
I can help someone improve their business communications skills.

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