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My name is Denny and the reason why I am the perfect partner for your journey of learning German, I will tell you after I introduced myself.
I was born and raised in a little village called Sehma in East-Germany where I’ve had 10 years of essential education. Later I moved to Berlin to become a Diploma-Brewmaster at the University. Nonetheless, even coming from a region with a strong accent, I have mastered the formal German “Hochdeutsch” both when pursuing my degree at the university in Berlin and through my daily working interactions as a coach for a German call center. I’m an experienced language teacher and about to graduate as a Life Coach.

So why choose me?

I’m familiar with the issues that come along moving to Germany and working in a multinational job where everybody communicates in English only. I’ve had lots of students telling me over and over again how hard it is to learn German in Berlin. Lots of them did group courses already but couldn’t get the full value out of them, leaving only frustration…

As my hobbies revolve around personal development, life coaching, music and spirituality, I bring a lot of important values to the table, which your learning will benefit from. These are first of all patience, creativity, discipline, motivation, and enthusiasm, but also a clear understanding that grammar teaching alone will not solve your problems.

Be sure that you get my full attention and individual classes as my focus always lays on:
– creating a space where you can feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them
– finding ways to implement speaking German into your life more
– finding mental blockages and resolve them
– build a solid foundation that provides you with the confidence you need to speak more often

Still not convinced? Ok, here’s a review from a student of mine that made massive progress in the last couple of months:

“I am 6 lessons into tutorials now with Denny and I am really happy with the progress I am making. Lessons are fun, interesting and always enjoyable. For me, this is super important as I always look forward to the next lesson. Week by week, I can feel myself improving and gaining confidence. Denny has a lot of patience but also knows when to push and challenge me in order to learn and overcome obstacles.” – Damien W.

If you are searching for a fun way of learning German and really get a deep understanding for the language if you need a partner that guides and helps you through the hard topics – then I am the right choice!

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