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My one-to-one lessons are all about tailoring the learning for each individual student, so forget about what you experienced in school! My philosophy is that while language learning requires some determination and effort, it should be enjoyable and have real value for you as part of your life.

In the first lesson, I assess your English level through a nice and easy chat and multiple choice or fill in the blank questionnaires. This gives me an initial picture of your strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals. Whether you want to improve your speaking, listening, grammar, writing, or prepare for an exam, we will work towards whatever is important to you.

In the lesson, I try to create a learning environment where the student can work at a pace that suits them while also being challenged. We can have a good chat and a laugh but we also keep focussed on the student learning and practicing new things in order to build confidence with each lesson as well as knowledge.

I achieve this through the use of exercises, discussions, games, images, videos and audio and take notes on spots of difficulty we encounter to be revisited and worked through when appropriate. A lot of preparation for the lessons is done behind the scenes to make maximum use of our time together.

I see English as an increasingly flexible language, mostly spoken by non-natives and as such, I prefer to focus less on “perfect English” and more on aiming for what the student would personally like to achieve with the lessons. Perhaps you would like to be able to speak English to get by when travelling, or for use in a professional or business environment. I can go into the technical details behind grammar, intonation, pronunciation as they are relevant to each particular student, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, and make the material as easily digestible and approachable as possible, as I know that learning a language can be overwhelming. While I am there to be a friend and a listener as well as a language instructor, the student’s goals become my goals, and I am there to guide you towards them.

I can teach at the student’s home, from my own home through Skype or a combination of these.

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