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I was born and raised in the majesty of Rome, and I love to share my culture. I am an experienced Italian teacher, a trainer, and a screenwriter.

I have started this journey on three years ago. I have been teaching Italian to students from all over the world with different needs, backgrounds, and levels. Each student is different and I craft the course together with them based on their goals.

Forget the old boring lessons with just tons of grammar and no fun, I teach in a quick, simple and engaging way. My lessons are a blend of grammar, reading and comprehension, conversation, diction, and writing in order to develop all the skills you need to sound authentic. Last but not least, you don’t have to buy any books. I’ll provide you with everything you need!

In my spare time, I love writing, cinema, music, traveling and fancy cocktails! Let’s chat about your interests!

I can help a beginner.
I can help someone prepare for a language exam
I can help someone improve their business communications skills.
I can teach younger children (1-10).
I can teach older children (11-18).

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