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Hello, I have a double degree in Engineering and Finance and graduated in Australia, where i was born and raised. I recently moved to Budapest and living here on a residence permit. I would love to start lessons are provide tuition services to those who want to develop their English expertise. I have personal experience in tutoring (mainly through my university years) where I taught English to many students, varying level as well.
I am very personable and have really learned how to leverage my leadership and influencing skills to drive better outcomes in students.
I also want to offer flexibility during my tutoring relationship with individuals or group tuition (students should not hesitate to reach out to me outside of tuition hours!). I think it’s important to have this transparency from the get go as it enables trust and assurance for the student. Feel free to contact me via email at

Education Background: Master’s – Engineering and Finance
Work Background: Education, Business, Consulting, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Retail
Teaching Qualification: Self-taught

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Business Communication Skills, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi
Languages Taught: English

Exam preparation lessons: Yes – Citizenship
Children’s lessons: Yes – 5+

Hobbies and interests:

Art, Food, Hiking, Movies, Music, Singing, Travelling

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