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I have been passionate about reading since the earliest age and this resulted in my love for foreign languages. I have always been able to pick the language up with ease and I can start speaking a new language after just a few days in a foreign country. To me, language serves not only communication purposes, but comprehension ones, as well: knowing a language help us understand cultures, arts, politics, business, customs etc.

I have been learning English since the earliest age and thanks to it, I became aware of so many wonderful aspects of English-speaking countries and their culture. It may sound counter-intuitive, but English motivated me to enroll Russian after high school: I was deeply intrigued with Russian literature and my experience with English assured me that the best way to delve into it would be learning Russian language.

I was born and raised in Belgrade where I still live. I love travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and customs, so I plan to begin a “digital nomad” way of life with my fiancé at some point. I would love to work as online ESL/Russian teacher. I conducted my first lesson with a school girl from my neighborhood when I was 18 – experience was so rewarding and uplifting and I never really looked back. Years of one-on-one lessons made me realize how immense effect good teacher can create and, also, that teaching is my true calling.

Apart from teaching, I really love outdoors! I am a rock climber, yoga practitioner, cyclist… I have positive attitude towards life, outgoing and happy personality and enthusiastic approach to everything I do.

Education Background: Bachelor’s, Vocational, Self-taught – Russian language, Russian literature
Work Background: Education, Sport, IT
Teaching Qualification: CELTA

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Business Communication Skills, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish
Languages Taught: English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian

Exam preparation lessons: No
Children’s lessons: Yes – 6+

Hobbies and interests:

Cooking, Creative Writing, Cycling, Food, Hiking, Movies, Music, Singing, Sports, Theatre, Travelling

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