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I am a business English teacher, senior lecturer at Budapest Business School. I hold an MA in English Language and Literature, and a PhD in English Linguistics. I am an accredited Business English examiner. I am committed to helping language learners develop their potential while learning a foreign language. I possess knowledge of many different methods to motivate learners to develop their business language skills in specific areas, can help them to prepare for different business language exams. I have extensive experience delivering business English courses for university students and adult learners from various professional backgrounds. I provide customized business English courses to learners who want to learn business English, develop their negotiation and presentation skills as well as improve writing skills essential to succeed in business life.

Additionally, I speak fluent Russian and can teach general and business Russian, also through English.

Education Background: PhD – English Language and Literature, English Linguistics, Economics
Work Background: Education
Teaching Qualification: Language Degree

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Business Communication Skills, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary

Languages Spoken: English, Russian
Languages Taught: English, Russian

Exam preparation lessons: Yes – Cambridge, IELTS, telc, TOEFL
Children’s lessons: Yes – 14+

Hobbies and interests:

Movies, Music, Travelling

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