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I am Kriszta, a Hungarian born language professional. I am a linguist, I teach, translate, interpret and proofread for a living.
I have my family in the US, two bilingual sons, so I travel quite a bit.
Besides Hungarian, I also teach English.
I enjoy teaching and introducing foreigners to this peculiar but beautiful language. Learning Hungarian is a challenge not only because it is very complex but also because it is more time consuming than learning French, Italian or German for instance. It is nothing like them, it is part of a different language family with no relatives in the region.
I have always been fascinated by languages and learning a language is like setting foot in another culture. So, if you decide to learn Hungarian, be prepared to learn to understand the culture and its people.
In my work, I always keep your purpose at the focal point. My classes are designed to achieve the objectives you have set.
My aim is to develop a Growth Mindset, which enables you to look at things this way: Maybe I can’t do it now, but I can learn to with time and effort.

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