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Hi, my name is Leopold, and I currently study law at Humboldt University of Berlin after having done a year abroad studying Chinese in Kunming, China.
I am a German and US dual national (American mother and German father), so I grew up with two native languages and am happy to teach either. I prefer focusing lessons on practicing your spoken ability in your target language, but am more than willing to help in any way I can.

I hope to find students who are passionate about learning languages, because I am. I studied Latin, French and Chinese in secondary school and am still passionately studying the latter two.
My goal is to give students the possibility to reach a high level in their target language without becoming bored or discouraged. I think that, especially for learners not yet at an advanced level, a focus on spoken English or German is more important than the written language, especially as that is easier to practice by oneself than speaking.

Outside of languages, I play the clarinet, having been a member of various orchestras and a big band during secondary school. While in Europe, I frequent Jazz bars and festivals (these are unfortunately hard to come by in Kunming).
Traveling is another hobby of mine. Living in China for almost a year, I have had a lot of opportunities for cheap travel around and outside of the country and hope to be able to travel more around Europe.
I also read a lot and enjoy video games.

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