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I’m finishing my studies at the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague. My majors are English Language and Literature, and Art Education. Besides, in 2016 I studied as an exchange student in Finland and gained a lot of experience in education organization & teaching methods.

About the teaching methods I use, I try to adapt them to each student Individually, since all of them are different people of different age, character and background. I base my program on a few language books and in addition mix the material with interactive activities for it not to be boring! Pros of choosing me as a teacher are that I can explain different phenomena in easy language and support my explanations with proper examples that can help to understand what’s going on in practice. I like to teach different aspects of language (grammar, pronunciation, writing, etc.) but probably, the last two are more fun to me (and for my students, too!).

As for my hobbies, I’m interested in a bunch of not-language-related things! For instance, arts & crafts, music (I play the guitar and like to compose), sport, cooking & baking, writing poetry. Of course, all those basic interests people usually have: travelling, meeting with friends, going to movies, eating out etc.

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