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Hi, I am Paolo, a passionate Italian language teacher. I am 28 years old, born and raised in my beloved city of Rome.
My idea of teaching a language hinges on the priority of highlighting the communicative function of it. I feel my course is worthy when I perceive that the students get out of the classical classroom mentality (made of sufficient levels of anxiety for mistakes and overarching boredom) and lose the stiffness that may impair their acquisition process.
I am personally very interested in inter-cultural relations and put a great value on the ability to merge in a different social environment. In this sense, my classes go well beyond simple language teaching…

I have a quite deep cultural background, varying from history to philosophy and politics. Plus I have worked as a touristic guide in my city and will be more than happy to adapt our lessons according to your interests and necessities!

I live in my house in the colorful neighborhood of Testaccio, very well connected to the Metro station and bus stops. We can easily organize lessons here at my place, or I can reach you.

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