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My name is Roberto. I was born in the US, my family is Italian, I’m based in Paris for professional reasons. I am a film, theatre and tv actor. Also, I’ve always worked as a teacher and a translator; being trilingual, I perfectly speak, besides Italian, also French and English, and can teach them both. I think the best way to learn a language is to be creative with it, this is why I encourage my students to discover films, songs, books they’re passionate about, showing them how to understand and appreciate the original version of what they love. Learning a new language is exactly like learning a new instrument.It doesn’t matter if your a businessman, a tennis player, a doctor or a singer: ten minutes a day can do huge things if you love what you do and have great fun doing it, both with a ukulele or with a language you never spoke before. To play is the secret. A few golden grammar rules will help structure the new game as experience increases

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