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Hello! my name is Sandro, I am 22 years old and have been speaking English the vast majority of my life, despite having lived in various different countries, including Germany, England, Spain, and, most recently, Prague! I enjoy meeting new people and sharing what I have learnt about the English language over the years. My end goal being to help make non-native English speakers’ lives easier when it comes to communicating with others in English. My main experience with teaching has been in private tutoring or in groups of 2-3 people, since I find it becomes much less stressful for the student after initial introductions. I have been providing private tutoring in Spain for the past 2 years to a various selection of both old and young students.

Education Background: Diploma, Self-taught – Art and Languages
Work Background: Education, Art & Design
Teaching Qualification: Self-taught

Expertise: Beginner’s Lessons, Conversation Practice, Accent Training, Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Grammar

Languages Spoken: English, Catalan, Spanish
Languages Taught: English, Spanish

Exam preparation lessons: No
Children’s lessons: Yes – 5+

Hobbies and interests:

Art, Creative Writing, Music

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